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Moda Scrap Bags

Moda Scrap Bags

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What are Moda Scrap Bags?

Moda Scrap bags can be anything. They are assorted by weight. The majority of the strips are the cutting leftovers from the precuts.

Most of the time they will all be from one group and be about 30 strips.

If the mill has any mistakes in cutting these can also make their way into the bags.

Each bag contains varying strips. Most are from 2" to 4" in width. Strips vary in length. Most are 32" or longer.

Each bags' strips are colour coordinated (some have selvage edge imprints on them).

Most of the time the Scrap Bags will contain different ranges but please be aware these are packed at the mill and we have no control over what is in each pack.

Please be aware the bags are full of "Scraps" (hence the name), and each bag will be different to the next. We can't guarantee anything except the weight. Each bag weighs approximately 250g.


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